That helping house needs your support

By Riverine Herald

ECHUCA Neighbourhood House (ENH) is a lifeline for so many minority groups throughout the community.

And now it needs your help.

With such a large agenda, and numerous programs for disadvantaged people to upskill, or simply to help them feel more normal and at home, ENH is desperately seeking more volunteers to come aboard.

From computer courses, literacy classes, a community garden, food is free stand, community lunches, the Echuca Back Nine Golf Course and many more, these programs cater to the disadvantaged who may need some help getting back on their feet.

“The nature of what we do thrives and survives on volunteers,” ENH co-ordinator Kris Munro said.

If you have ever wanted to give back to the community and have any skills in working in house on reception, with paperwork, gardening or have skills which can to help others learn, head into ENH and see where you can fit into their team.

Now ENH has been named the preferred tenderer for the Back Nine, volunteers are also required to man the reception and help with the course’s upkeep as part of the greens team.

Able to delegate the work and mould to people’s interests, ENH is keen to hear from anyone who may be able to lend a hand for the betterment of the community.

“We are happy to accommodate anyone’s available hours,” Kris said.

“Whether they have a few hours spare here or there or a day free, we can always find roles in different time frames.

“ENH can also comply with work place requirements through employment agencies, for those who need to find volunteer work.”

For more information about volunteers or to put your hand up, head to or contact the team via 5482 6914 or