Retired and really retired

By Vivienne Duck

EDDIE Bruce has retired twice.

But this time the 78-year-old swears it will be his last.

Eddie called it quits from the workforce when he was 65.

But it didn’t stick very long with the Echuca man jumping right back into it just 12 months later.

And then he went on to work for another 12 years.

‘‘I left work at 65 after working at Rich River for 26 years,’’ he said.

‘‘The shift work knocked me around a bit and my family thought I was looking tired and it was time.

‘‘And I agreed with them.

‘‘I didn’t really do anything after that but I began looking for something part time.’’

It was then Maree and David Stephens from Riverport Engineering and Hydraulics offered him a casual position.

‘‘And I worked there for 12 years, three and a half days a week,’’ Eddie said.

‘‘There was always the power to add or subtract those days but I just enjoyed working there and thoroughly enjoyed the customers.

‘‘When you work for someone like Maree and David there is no stress and it is a really enjoyable environment.

‘‘And I learnt so many new things.’’

Eddie said one of the major things he learnt was moving to the new measurements.

‘‘It took me a while to realise 25mm is an inch,’’ he said.

‘‘It is all very confusing for an old bloke like me.’’

But despite his love of work life Eddie admits he was slowing down.

‘‘I felt it in myself that I was getting slower, even though David and Maree would never tell me that,’’ he said. ‘‘So I decided I would call it a day at the end of June.’’

Eddie now plans to enjoy the rest of his life with his wife Lyn, daughters, grandchildren and great-grandchildren and his love of sport.

‘‘I am a Bulldogs supporter and spend a bit of time at Echuca United watching my grandsons play so there will be plenty to do,’’ Eddie said.