Following Jesus is easy, just try it

March 10, 2018

Rob Wiltshire of Epicentre Church. Photo by Luke Hemer.

APPARENTLY, there is something wrong with me.

It’s a statement I hear constantly, often in relation to my dislike of chocolate and the beach.

What I dislike about the beach is how sticky and salty I feel after swimming.

It’s like a layer of salt has covered my body, and I don’t feel right until I wash it off.

While I doubt that many would people share my dislike of salt water, I believe most people understand what I am talking about.

Regardless of whether you like or dislike swimming in the ocean, anyone who has ever done so would know the only way to get the salt off is to have a shower.

I was at the beach this past weekend and was thinking about this, and how it relates to multiple aspects of life.

In the same way you have to step out of the ocean and into a shower to get the salt off of your skin, if you want more free time (for example) you have to give up something that is currently taking it.

I think we all can agree with this when it comes to our physical lives, but have we noticed the same is true when it comes to our emotional and spiritual lives?

As we journey through life we all pick up emotional scars of some description.

For some these scars developed during childhood, and for others they came later in life.

Regardless as to what these scars are from, they are like salt covering our skin.

They irritate us, they cause us to live in insecurity and keep us from achieving our full potential.

One task every parent with children at the beach does is help their kids wash the salt off after playing in the ocean.

And as parents we actively take the role of helping our children clean up their mess, but we often see it as nothing to do with us to help someone else with theirs.

The story of the bible reveals to us that Jesus stepped out of divinity and into humanity to help us clean the salt off our lives, and make a way for humanity to come to true freedom which ultimately is found in the person of Jesus.

The question I am getting at isn’t who is or isn’t covered with salt, as we all are?

The question I am getting at is, what would the community around us look like if we were to follow the example of Jesus, by immersing ourselves into the lives of the people around us and helping them walk out of their past?

For some people this could be as simple as cooking a meal for them.

For someone else it could be offering a listening ear, and yet for another it could be helping them prepare a job resume, or offering some tutoring.

The reality is that following the example of Jesus, more often than not is easier than we think.

—Rob Wiltshire, Epicentre Church

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