Failure to launch a problem for skiers

February 12, 2018

2018 Southern 80. Photo by Luke Hemer.

TWO is company, three is a crowd.

That is what the skiers behind three consecutive boats would have thought when they all failed to stick the launch.

Just under an hour into Saturday morning’s racing, where no two skiers had fallen back to back, three fell in succession.

Skiers behind boats Rock It, Rocket and Brutal all failed to stick the landing for their team, as the water at Moama Five Mile Boat Ramp had become clouded, churned and choppy.

Following the quick succession launches and re-launches of a number of boats before theirs, the three skiers of Rock It, Rocket and Brutal had a task ahead of them to stay afloat.

However, after the fall of Rock It’s skier, the resulting long turn to retrieve the fallen man further churned up the launch area.

Rocket and Brutal’s skiers, following on right after the fall of Rock It, encountered the same problem as their skiers could not take the choppy launch, and fell too.

Later in the day, as the conditions at surface level remained, other teams made the most of the churned-up start line.

Hodge Marine Racing played to the crowd and their supporters as they were called to the line.

Driver Damien McGlynn lashed the throttle before easing off close to the shoreline and pumping up the crowd.

As they took off, the resulting chop of the antics allowed the skiers to jump the wake, much to the delight of the crowd and supporters.

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