Remember Him on the best days — not just the worst

September 08, 2017

Pastor Jonathon Schroder, New Life Baptist Church.

IT’S spring, I think.

Our first week of the new season has certainly been a little sluggish with the first day of spring presenting a frost for us to enjoy, or perhaps endure, depending on your outlook.

But it’s hardly what springs to mind when thinking of the season of flowers.

This week we’ve experienced wind and rain with top temperatures in the mid-teens at best, and more frosts predicted for the weekend ahead.

Apparently, those wanting to break out into the shorts and t-shirt attire will have to wait a bit longer, jeans and jackets have been the order of the day until now.

Although we might be desperate for some spring, winter appears to be stubbornly hanging on.

Life is a bit like that.

Sometimes we long for a fresh start, something new, but the old hangs around.

There’s times, for example, when we thought we would be well past that annoying injury by now, but the pain still lingers.

Something we want gone is still present.

We hoped, we dreamed, prayed even but nothing has changed yet.

On the other hand, there are friends who were certain that their new baby would have arrived by now.

Eight years married, desperate to be parents, been through all the medical procedures available, yet still no baby, only heartbreak.

They long for the hope of sunshine but grey clouds dominate their skyline.

The new season is somehow elusive.

At times such as these, disillusionment can be paramount.

Suddenly God comes into the equation, as we ponder, “where is God at times like this, why stand afar off; if there is a higher being, why are they not taking action?”

When there’s nowhere else to turn, people can instinctively begin to turn their gaze towards God.

That could be a bit unfair on God, to only be considered when things go pear shape.

God is however, open to our cry for help, even if it predominantly comes in seasons of trial.

The Bible says so. Psalm 50:15 “call on me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you”.

This is better than good news, it’s simply amazing.

The God of heaven invites us to bring our concerns before Him and invite Him into the middle of the heartache.

With this kind offer of assistance from the Creator in mind, I’d propose that it would be out of order to sideline God to the margins of life, and reserve interactions solely for occasions of distress.

Don’t you get annoyed by friends like that, who call only when they need something?

The challenge then is not to only know of God in the depths of a winter storm, but acknowledging His goodness on a perfect ‘spring type’ of day too, which I hope is coming very, very soon.

Jonathon Schroder,

New Life Baptist Church

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