I could be all yours

July 14, 2017

Adopt a dog. Kimmy. Photo by Luke Hemer.

WHEN parents bring home their new little bundles of joy — you don’t expect the infant to have fur and a tail.

But true to form, if you bring home Kimmy, everybody will want cuddles.

Surrendered by her previous family, Kimmy is a one-year-old desexed Labrador mixed breed Staffy and has been up for adoption for a week.

Ready and raring to go Kimmy will keep you on your toes with plenty of affection to share and some basic doggie manners to help her settle into a new home.

Like most Labradors, Kimmy pays the most attention when a treat is being waved in front of her nose and this will help with her further training.

Being a young dog with working type breed in her blood line, Kimmy is very active and would thrive in a secure environment where twice daily walks and runs are on the cards.

Being a Labrador cross Staffy, Kimmy may need her food monitored as she will be prone to weight gain.

Kimmy would love the companionship of a family who will include her in their daily activities and she will return the favour by becoming a loyal and loving companion.

Kimmy can be adopted for $355 from the Campaspe Animal Shelter. To arrange a meet and greet call 5480 3005 or visit her online profile at

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